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Artist and Sculptor, Michelangelo is quoted as saying,
"Every block of stone has a statue inside it
and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it."


The artist is a native born South African who migrated to San Antonio, Texas with his family at the age of seventeen. He was always artistic in nature, but discovered his true talent when he began to experiment with welding. Anthony started welding and working with metal as a sense of personal release until his vision began to take tangible form. He has had no formal training in welding or sculpting, but has made over one hundred spectacular pieces. Much like Michelangelo viewed a block of marble and saw the sculpture David, Anthony views discarded metal as a piece of art waiting to take form.

A few words from the artist, Anthony Noriskin:

"There are many aspects to metal work that fascinate and intrigue me. To take a piece of steel, seemingly so rigid and inert, yet with the application of heat, so alive; create and shape it into something new and vibrant before letting it slumber once more. For many, steel, iron and other metal objects are just man-made and a far cry from nature. I see them as nature in another form, and indeed, a form that I can work with in order for the organic images and shapes to be realized."
Not only does the artist create images of his own, but he also collaborates with others to create their visions for custom orders. If you would like to see your vision become reality, please email the artist at: contact@undustrialarts.com

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